Tessa Versus The Chair

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My oldest, my red-head, tripped over a cord last week, and attempted to fight a chair using only her face!  Well, the battle was short, and blood was spilled, but my red-head prevailed!!!  The chair was completely KO'd (knocked over)!

The post fight interview was an emotional one with her mother, sister and 2 friends.  The doctor stitched up her cut in her eyebrow with 3 stitches, and we all went home with the champ in good spirits.

Fast forward to today...she got the "blue caterpillar" taken out, but it, too, gave a little fight as the doctor pulled it from her brow.  She toughed it out without breaking a sweat.

My red-head is my hero.


P.S.  This story told as only her papa could tell it :)

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